Sunday, April 29, 2012

American Basketball Coach in Sweden - 8th Year!

(Video from Year 6 in Stockholm, Sweden)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009 - Year 5 Video!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

5th Year - The "American Basketball Coach in Sweden" Program

We had a great 4th year in 2008 including expanding the program to Norway with an American Coach, obtaining strong contacts from the former USA Ambassador to Sweden and impacting youth in Stockholm utilizing basketball as a tool. In addition, we had a wonderful night with youth at a popular sports restaurant.

This year we are impacting more youth than ever! We have partnered with a fine organization (Lidingö Basket) and the main basketball clinic for 50 youth (boys and girls ages 14-17) will be held at Hersbyhallen, the week of May 11. The coach, Steve Freeland, from Harrisburg, PA is back for the fourth time. He has trained youth in basketball for over 35 years! This organization was truly open to our ideas and we envision a great collaboration throughout 2009 and beyond. They have some talented players and we want to help elevate them in basketball as well as life.

In addition, Steve will work with a group of youth in the south of Stockholm affiliated with Fryshuset (teaches 3000 youth about basketball and life) during the week. Fryshuset has been very good to the program with many of our previous years taking place on their court. We also plan to have another youth sports night with athletes who we have previously worked with. As always, we will have positive role models (from business and sports) at these events in order to help inspire or support the youth. May 11 is the beginning yet we will work throughout 2009 to guide and help youth!

If you haven't already, please take a look at the video from 2006. It is less than 4 minutes and will give you a good idea of what my program volunteers and I try to accomplish every year.

The link is below:


If you or anyone you know would like to support the 5th year of my program, I would be incredibly grateful. The program has expanded wonderfully but it couldn't have happened without the kind donations from Americans and Swedes. All donations go to the travel expenses for Coach Freeland and implementation of the program. To make a donation, please email



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The "American Basketball Coach in Sweden" video

Friday, June 13, 2008


One of the highlights of 2007 was my 3rd annual "American Basketball Coach in Sweden" program. I love helping youth stay on the right path along with improving their basketball knowledge. In May 2007, Steve Freeland, my program volunteers and I worked with 12-15 youth for one week in Stockholm. A few of them had been with us in previous years and we were thrilled by their progress.

While Steve was coaching, he was also evaluating as his dream is to bring a Swedish team to our hometown of Harrisburg, PA. In addition, we talked with the youth about what they want out of life. Many want to go to the USA as a way to make strong connections and play a higher level of basketball. Steve and I hope to bring some of them to the States in the years to come.

I want to thank my supporters immensely for their donations in 2007. Your generosity makes it possible for so many less fortunate youth to be inspired, taught and touched!

The email below from one of the participants from 2006 makes me feel good about the impact of the program and what it has accomplished.

Hello George,

It was really nice seeing you, Steve, and Kolya last night. I hope that the camp is going well for you. I think you guys are doing an incredible job giving back to the community, and allowing us to pursue our dreams and have a better future. I speak for all the guys when I say that your knowledge, understanding and counsel are very valuable to us all. We thank you all for your kindness, generosity and help. It is always a pleasure speaking with you guys, not just about basketball, but about life. I just hope that we can one day repay you all for all your efforts and support. I look forward to seeing and speaking with guys soon. Once again thank you very very much. Give my thanks to Steve and Kolya also.

Sincerely, Jean

In 2008, the program plans to work with an American Basketball Coach that lives in Sweden. I am excited to work with his youth! Details will be coming soon.

My mother in law, Lena Lenner and my high school basketball coach, Paul Lavelle both died in 2007. I dedicated the 3rd year to them.

In their honor, the program has donated:

1) 650 sek (100.00$) to in the name of Lena Lenner
2) 100.00$ to Paul Lavelle's church, St. Margaret Mary's. His wife Pat said that is what he would have wanted.

Thanks again and have a wonderful 2008!



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Details on our 3rd year this past May coming soon.

Remember, if you want to improve, you must PUT IN THE TIME

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Now in its third year, The American Basketball Coach in Sweden Program welcomes Coach Steve Freeland back to Stockholm for a master class workshop and clinic on May 12-22. This year’s theme is Put in the Time – increasing knowledge and skills to become better players and coaches. Through hands-on pedagogic instruction, the program will offer insight on how to play, study, and practice basketball for better results. Through corporate sponsorship and fundraising, the entire program is free of charge to players and coaches – anyone willing to put in the time to improve their game.

Coach Steve Freeland
After thirty-five years, Steve Freeland is still putting in his time as a basketball coach in Pennsylvania, USA. He has led numerous teams to victory – on and off the court – with his dedicated and disciplined approach to basketball.

 Instruct players and coaches at various organizations throughout Stockholm about what it means to put in the time. Led by Coach Steve Freeland, George Payne (founder), program volunteers, and business people – providing basketball clinics, seminars, and discussions with youth about life after sports.

 Connect youth with current and retired basketball players along with a fitness coach. Network with business executives. Individual mentors arranged by request.

 Encourage youth throughout the ten days about the importance of volunteering or giving back in their respective community.

 Donate a portion of the money to The Tiger Woods foundation, which initiates and supports programs that enhance the learning, growth, and development of youth. This will be made possible via America’s Charities.

The American Basketball Coach in Sweden Program is designed to encourage mentorship through its annual master class workshop & clinic. The program is supported entirely by sponsorship, a social responsibility effort yielding enormous returns for our youth. Founded and directed by former University of Vermont basketball player, George Payne, the program fosters coaches and players with clinics, seminars, and a chance to talk one-on-one about life after sports.


For inquiries on sponsorship donations, registration, and volunteer work, please contact George Payne in Stockholm, Sweden at or call him at +46 (0)76 221 8669